Meet Our Board of Directors


2020 Officers & Committee Assignments

 President: Larry Allison, Jr.
 Vice President: Rob Lytle
 Treasurer: Thomas O'Connor, Jr.
 Secretary: Maurice Bower


 Blaise Alexander
 Warren J. Choate
 Timothy Conklin
 Matthew Cowden
 Jerry Mahonski
Golf Committee Chair: Rob Lytle
Green Committee Chair: Warren J. Choate
Grievance Chair: Warren J. Choate
Entertainment Committee Chair: Matthew Cowden
House Committee Chair: Matthew Cowden
Membership Committee Chair: Timothy Conklin
Pool Committee Chair: Rob Lytle

Meet our Staff & Managers

Controller & Manager of Club Administration:  

Diane Trowbridge

Golf Professional: 

David Coates, PGA Professional

Course Superintendent: 

Paul J. Krout, CGCS

Executive Chef:  

Luke Eschbach

Food & Beverage Manager:

Todd Schuman

Service Staff Manager: 

Elvira Jennings

Administrative Assistant: 

Karen Bower