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Golf 5.20.11 PM

Williamsport Country Club Course Tour

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Join Us For A Hole By Hole Overview

The Williamsport Country Club features a classic Tillinghast course layout that is both picturesque and challenging. For a virtual tour of the golf course layout, see the individual hole layouts and photographs below.



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#1 (Roadside)
The first hole offers a classic risk-reward play. Playing only 314 yards with a drop in elevation of 50 feet from the tee to the fairway, driver is a tempting choice but out of bounds runs down the entire left side. The prudent play is a fairway wood or long iron to afford a full short iron into the green that runs slightly front to back.
Hole 1 Roadside
hole2Click Image For A Larger View #2 (Oak Lane)
If players thought the course would be a pushover from the looks of No. 1, the second hole bears the teeth this course has. Playing 419 yards from the white tees, longer irons to fairway woods are common for the second shot into another green that slopes front to back and is protected by two large hardwoods fronting both sides of the approach shot.
 Click Image For A Larger View #3 (Woodsy)
A classic Tillinghast par 3, the third hole measures 207 yards with a long narrow green bordered by bunkers. If there is a place to miss the green, short is the play which allows for a bump and run shot. This green has some of the most subtle breaks found on the course.
hole4Click Image For A Larger View #4 (Overbrook)
Guarded by hazards on either side of the fairway, this 370 yard par- 4 demands a confident swing off the tee. The approach shot needs to stay below the hole with a deep green that slopes severely from back to front. Birdies are achievable, but an aggressive can lead to a bogey.
hole5Click Image For A Larger View #5 (Uphill)
As the hole’s name states, this 353 yard par- 4 has a shelf that crosses the fairway at the 150 yard marker. Clear it and a short iron makes the play into the two-tiered green easier. Come up short and hitting the green in two becomes more challenging.
hole6Click Image For A Larger View #6 (Grand View)
The first of the three par 5’s on the course, players have a great chance at birdie. Out of bounds lines the left side, but longer hitters can reach the green in two with a long iron. The undulating fairway makes for uneven lies with most third shots being played with a severe uphill stance. The back to front pitched green is receptive to these approaches and affords good looks at birdie.
hole7Click Image For A Larger View #7 (Air Flight)
One of the courses prettiest views from the tee, this downhill slight dog leg right is protected by a long bunker on the right side 150 yards from the green. With a headwind, this 411 yard par- 4 plays almost two clubs longer. The green is surrounded by bunkers and is pitched from right to left. Par is a good score on this hole.
hole8Click Image For A Larger View #8 (Hit Hard)
What you see is what you get on the longest par 4 on the course. A straightaway hole measuring 439 yards, there is no let up here. The second shot demands a longer iron and must find a small green protected by bunkers all around. A severely pitched green from back to front and right to left, any shot deep is recipe for three putts. Walking away with par is an accomplishment here.
hole9Click Image For A Larger View #9 (Trapwise)
One of our signature holes, players will see Tillinghast’s touches all over this 390 yard par -4. The elevated tee allows you to see the trouble in front of you in the form of two cross bunkers fronting the approach to the green along with the three bunkers surrounding the green. Shorter hitters will have to decide whether to lay up or risk putting their second shot in the cross bunkers. The green pitches from right to left and back to front. Speed will come into play for those past the hole.
hole10Click Image For A Larger View #10 (Oasis)
A tempting downhill par 3, trouble surrounds the green with three bunkers waiting to catch errant tee shots and woods behind. The green complex is two- tiered with the front feeding most shots into the center. Birdies, even aces, can be had on this teaser, but a double bogey is just as easily made.
hole11Click Image For A Larger View #11 (Water Hole)
Although named for the two ponds fronting the tees, the real trouble comes in the form of the giant tree overhanging the right side of the fairway. Players must shape their tee shots to avoid finding the hardwoods on the left and a long second shot into an elevated green that slopes severely from back to front. Pin placement proves to challenge player’s club choice. Staying below the hole here is first and foremost.
Click Image For A Larger View #12 (Plains)
Players tee off from a chute and have to navigate a large tree blocking the fairway off of the tee. Once in the fairway, the hole tends to play half a club shorter to a wide green with grass mounds fronting the left side. A collection area off the green’s right side allows for a variety of shot making to save par.
hole13Click Image For A Larger View #13 (Dog Leg)
Although it only measures 377 yards, this par 4 starts from another chute and turns right uphill to an elevated green tucked in the trees. Accuracy is a must with the second shot or else players will find themselves in bunkers or worse. This green slopes from back to front and is one of the courses most deceptive with its aggressive speed and break.
hole14Click Image For A Larger View #14 (Narrows)
Visually intimidating and playing to its name, this hole plays 370 yards and trees line either side. Driver can stay in the bag to avoid a punch out for a second shot. Out of bounds is left of the green and the woods greet the pushed approach. Leaving the green with par is a success.
hole15Click Image For A Larger View #15 (Clubside)
Another downhill par 3 measuring 153 yards, tee shots are at the mercy of the winds that swirl around the clubhouse. This green is deep and slopes severely from back to front. A ball finding the front of the green with too much spin will back off the putting surface and find its way to the bottom of the hill.
hole16Click Image For A Larger View #16 (Long Shot)
The longest par 5 of the three on the course, this hole has a blind tee shot and is only reachable for the longest hitters. The fairway falls off either side to rough that is known to make balls vanish out of thin air. The green slopes from left to right, but birdies are available with a well placed third shot.
hole17 Click Image For A Larger View #17 (Sand Hill)
The shortest par 3 on the course playing 124 yards all uphill, steep bunkers protect either side of the green. This green poses one of the greatest challenges of all. Any shot landing above the pin leaves a lightning fast downhill putt that can almost guarantee a four will end up on the scorecard.
hole18Click Image For A Larger View #18 (Vista)
With a view of the Williamsport skyline, this finishing par 5 allows players to swing away. The fairway bunkers on the right come into play, but a shot favoring the left will feed right into the center of the fairway. The second shot to the green is a blind downhill play, but those coming up short will have a good chance for birdie. The green is two- tiered and is deceptively sloped from front to back.