About Us


Welcome To  The Williamsport Country Club

Since 1909, The Williamsport Country Club has been a proud part of Williamsport and the nearby surrounding communities.
With our heart-warming atmosphere and elegant style, we are sure that you’ll enjoy every minute you spend with us.

Built From Humble Beginnings in 1909

GirlsGolfing The modest beginnings of The Williamsport Country Club date back to 1909. Investors accumulated funds totaling $25,000 to purchase the Hepburn Farm. The 1910 annual meeting was held at the Park Hotel. Soon after, the club’s numerous golf and social activities began to thrive
Golf’s finest traditions are forever part of the old clubs of the Northeast. In 1909 A.W. Tillinghast, one of the most prolific architects in the history of golf, designed the first nine holes at The Williamsport Country Club. He returned in 1923 to complete this eighteen-hole classic. With its subtle contours and deceiving length, Williamsport has been called one of Tillinghast’s hidden jewels in north central Pennsylvania. Tucked amongst the Appalachian mountain range, the meticulously manicured course offers players a timeless golfing experience where the heritage of golf’s past is visible with every new hole.